Featured Works

This page serves as a compilation of all outstanding work completed by HACAS members across all four wings. Covering knowledge across the entire spectrum of the humanities, it is hoped that others may utilize these sources of inspiration for their learning.

[MUN Wing] HCCRI HRC Study Guide Except

By Willard Ng (16A15) and Eugene Lee (17A15)

An except of the Study Guide written for the Human Rights Council which was debated upon by delegates during Hwa Chong Conflict Resolution and Inquiry (HCCRI) 2017.  Click here to find out more about HCCRI.

[Geog Wing] Little India Guide

January 04, 2018

Written by: Tang Zi Xuan (17A15)

This guide provides a brief insight into Little India and the sites around Little India you may explore (in your free time).

[Geog Wing] Poster - Climate Change

Written by: Eugene Lee (17A15) 

[CA Wing] Book Launch: “How China Escaped the Poverty Cycle” - Member Reflections

January 02, 2018

By Justin Teo of 17S62

Missed the book launch of How China Escaped the Poverty Cycle by Prof Ang Yuen Yuen? Catch up with reflections by those who went!

[CA Wing] Climate Change - Its Effect on Asia Now and Beyond

January 02, 2018

By: Jordan Lim 17A14

Understand the impacts of climate change in one quick glance with this infographic - in conjunction with the termly theme of 'Climate: The New Political Sword'.

UK and its world status [History Wing]

January 01, 2018

Written by: Ryan Tan (17A14) 


Understand the reasons behind why UK lost its status as a superpower after World War II 

Plurality of History [History Wing]

Written by: Tang Han Shin (17A14) 


Explore the plurality of history with this piece 

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