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A FUN day with Health and Fitness!

Hey Hwa Chong!

This week, the Health and Fitness Club gladly collaborated with CIP Council to go down to Toa Payoh Care Corner. We started the session with some simple exercises such as flexibility, balancing and more. These exercises were carefully planned by the CCA to help the elderly increase their blood flow and stretch their muscles.

After the exercise session, the elderly were provided with a small snack, and the CCA members moved on to teach them how to lead a healthy lifestyle and suggesting exercises catered to their health condition. To end off, we had a round of bingo, and as usual, it was a hit with the elderly as they enthusiastically shouted the numbers that they wished to get!

Health and Fitness also had a great time at TP that day- though they may have felt a little bit awkward and unsure of how to approach the senior residents initially, the volunteers soon found themselves interacting with the elderly excitedly!

We would like to thank Health and Fitness Club for doing such a great job in planning and executing the activities. We are sure the elderly had enjoyed their company. :-) For more information about CCA Collaboration, feel free to email us at!

With love,

CIP Council 18/19


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