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Junior-Treat-Senior Dinner!

Hey Hwa Chong!

This year, the juniors treated the seniors to a delightful meal at Nandos- as recommended by many! What started out as an ordinary night definitely did not end as simply as we thought. There was first the messy situation of ordering chicken for 16 people (which was resolved after compromising with one another), eliciting a few laughs from the table, breaking the ice. We all then immersed ourselves in friendly conversations- juniors complaining about how there was an econs test the next morning, while the seniors laughed in amusement and gave us advice. Soon the atmosphere was filled with warmth and the two batches were bonded in an instant. The most exciting part of the night however, was when we started playing small games and coming up with forfeits for each other. It started out with eating left over fries topped with extra spicy peri-peri sauce, which then transitioned into drinking mixed concoctions of condiments and soft drinks. Albeit a little appalling, it made dinner more enjoyable for everyone. At the end of the night, we took a few pictures outside the restaurant before we parted ways. Even though it was a short 3 hours, rest assured we all had a peri-peri good time :-)

With Love,

CIP Council 18/19


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