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May RAOK: Our Unsung Heroes

This month, as part of CIP Council’s initiative Random Acts of Kindness (RAOKS), we will be celebrating our unsung heroes through a series of activities!

It is an indisputable fact that our diverse non-teaching staff have contributed greatly to our school, be it through having to wake up at the wee hours of the morning to unlock the turnstiles and staying late into the night to make sure all the students have safely left school. Or maybe through printing notes essential to our gargantuan cohort so we wouldn’t have to copy down a bajillion pieces of lecture notes. These non-teaching staff include:

• Cleaners

• Security Staff

• Canteen vendors and cleaner

• Media technicians

• Lab technicians

• Printing staff

• Bookshop staff

• College reception staff

• Estate staff

• Gardeners

Want to show your gratitude for our non-teaching staff? Head down to the canteen booths during recess on 23rd and 24th May to pen down your heartfelt notes for our non-teaching staff to show your appreciation for their service and dedication. These thank you notes will be given to them alongside a mug designed by our own students!

Also, do check out the posters at our canteen booths for photos and interesting anecdotes from our unsung heroes to get to know them a little better! Learn more about what they do on a typical day in school, and find out what motivates them to do their work everyday.

We hope that you will be able to learn more about our non-teaching staff through the activities we have organised and through this, appreciate them even more.

Don’t forget to wave hello and thank our unsung heroes when you see them in school okay?

CIP Council


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