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April RAOK: Paying It Forward

Hi Hwachong! As many of you know, this month is also known as the sports and SYF season. The theme for this month’s Hwach RAOK (random act of kindness) is “Care”. Caring for the community starts with caring for those around you. To encourage you to care for the friends around you, we will be selling care packs.

Each care pack includes milo, banana, cereal and either snacks or salonpas and is priced at just $3. You can pass to your friends directly, or choose to subscribe to our gifting service, which we will be helping you deliver to your friends. Care packs will be ready for collection on 20th April and CIP council will be delivering care packs on the 21st.

You can order your care packs @

Order yours today!!

Love, CIP Council


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